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Hot Tub Pumps

One of the most important considerations for anyone considering installing a home spa is the hot tub pump. Obviously, you’ll want to choose a product with a pump that has the capacity to provide the water pressure you want, as well as the durability to last for several years.
A hot tub pump keeps the water circulating through the jets and filters. Most tubs have two-speed pumps, with a high speed for jet action and a lower speed for circulation. A pump usually consists of two parts: the wet end, and the dry end. The wet end is the part of the pump through which water passes, and the dry end houses a mechanism that pumps the water.
Some customers mistakenly believe that the horsepower of the pump is the only factor affecting the strength of the jets. In fact, efficient plumbing, better jets, and flow control are much more important than the horsepower of your pump. A pump with lower horsepower in an efficient hot tub will produce as much jet power as a higher horsepower pump in a less efficient hot tub. Placement of jets is also an important consideration.
A variety of pumps are available, offering different advantages. For example, some pumps recycle the heat that is generated during use back into the tub, improving your tub’s eco-friendliness. The recycled heat can be used to heat the pipes or it can direct warm air into the water.

Today’s Hot Tubs

Better hot tubs can be customized to suit your lifestyle. The pump you require could depend on what type of home spa you are installing. Massage therapy spas, for instance, provide intense deep tissue massage through individualized jets. Some home hot tubs feature illuminated fountain jets or waterfalls, and swim spas which require pumps strong enough to generate an adjustable current that provides resistance for swimmers.
There are numerous luxurious options for today’s hot tubs, including individualized seating, lighted cup holders, stereo surround sound, underwater lighting, remote controls, steps, custom covers, cool down areas, handrails, Bluetooth capability, pillows, built-in workout equipment and more. Some home spa companies will help you to transform your entire backyard into a sanctuary for relaxing, leisure, and fun. You may want to consider adding landscape elements, patio furniture, or a wet bar, plants, awnings, canopies, or fences.
Home spas offer a place for relaxation, entertainment, hydrotherapy, and exercise for family and friends.

Taking Care of Your Home Spa

Another important consideration is proper maintenance of hot tub pumps. Modern home spas have streamlined maintenance protocols considerably, but be sure to ask for details about the filtration system and find out what you will need to do on a regular basis. Many hot tubs need weekly addition of bromine to keep the water sanitary, plus regular balancing of pH levels. You may also need to replace the water every three or four months and flush the water lines once a year. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty for any hot tub you are considering.
Installing a home spa can change your life for the better in many different ways. Learn more about today’s luxurious hot tubs by contacting companies that specialize in selling home spas.

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